Interactive & Structured Practice

Play along with Purely Banjo, with the help of a highlighted fretboard display, animated musical score and tab notation. Live animation makes it easy to follow the music, so you can practise in a way that suits you - whatever your skill level.

See upcoming notes and hear how the music should sound. Choose to hear synthesized music or a metronome rhythm - or a combination of both, if you prefer. This lets you engage in a listen-try approach to practice.

The software includes structured lessons designed to improve your playing technique - for all abilities, from beginner to advanced. What's more, new content is available to download - at no additional charge!

Don't get stuck in a rut with your music practice - Purely Banjo helps to make the most of your practice time by making it more interactive and structured. Regularly using Purely Banjo helps to give structure to your practice time - remember, variety is the key to improving your playing technique!

Choose from a variable tempo to suit your skill level, which allows you to speed up or slow down each routine as required.

Create your own tailor-made lessons to suit your individual needs, by combining the existing routines into new lessons. This allows you to build up your own practice 'playlist', if you prefer to focus on particular skills

Purely Banjo includes over 290 routines to practise. Plus, free content updates are available to download for 12 months, to keep your practice fresh!

Over 290 routines across 3 content packs

Rudiments Content Pack Irish Content Pack American Content Pack

Rudiments & Foundations includes Scales, Arpeggios and Rhythmic Accompaniments.

View Rudiments & Foundations routine list

Play along with the routines included in the software, which have been specially designed to improve your playing technique from the moment you begin.

All routines have been composed by a professional musician with the aim of improving skills for all abilities, whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced player. Love them or hate them, the rudiments of playing are an essential part of developing your skills. The app makes practising these key techniques more interactive and structured!

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect, but it's easy to get stuck in a rut practising the same pieces over and over again. The app gives structure to your practice, guiding you through sets of lessons that will help you progress to the next level. Plus, you can keep your practice fresh by downloading free content updates for a whole year.

Irish Trad & American Folk includes traditional and popular songs.

Great for learning commonly played tunes enhanced by using the interactive interface.

View Irish Trad Folk song list

View American Folk song list

Add your own content

In addition to the routines already included in the software, you can even import your own music content to use in Purely Banjo*.

The software supports MusicXML 3 files, which can be produced in popular applications such as Finale and Sibelius. These files can be easily added into Purely Banjo, with live playback and animation. The fret, tab and notation will be automatically generated in the software.

*Import is subject to certain limitations. Content must be composed for the banjo and use a single track with tab. Purely Banjo cannot render notation that is not defined in the MusicXML 3 standard. Please note, the import feature is not supported on tablets.

Fully customisable

Customise your practice experience with Purely Banjo.

Create your own tailor-made lesson schedules by simply using drag-and-drop to arrange the existing content into groups of your choice.

Choose a tempo for each routine to suit your individual needs.

Switch between hearing the music, the metronome, or a combination of both to aid your learning.

For added convenience and portability, you can even import/export your user data to up to three other devices.

Testing your ability

Purely Banjo adds an extra dimension to your music practice, with interactive features to enhance your experience.

Test your playing skills with the built-in feedback function, which listens to your playing and generates a live score, based on the accuracy of your timing.

Simply select a routine and play along in time with the music, at a tempo of your choice.

Your scores can be saved and later accessed in the Reporting function, so you can monitor your progress over time.

Custom metronome

Purely Banjo also includes a unique metronome, which can be used as a stand-alone function for whenever you need to play along to a customised tempo – perfect for freestyle practice!

Choose from a range of sound and visual display options, as well as an adjustable accent.

Time signature changes? No problem! A custom tempo pattern can be accommodated by simply entering the required rhythm sequence.

Measuring your progress

Keep on track with live Reporting, which allows you to monitor your progress over time.

You can even choose a custom name for each practice session for ease of reference.

Access your personalised statistics to review which routines you practised and for how long - including time spent practising with the metronome. Accuracy scores from timing tests are also included, allowing you to evaluate your development.

Chromatic tuner

Purely Banjo includes a built-in chromatic tuner, so you’ll always be in tune*.

Simply play any note on your banjo, and the software will automatically detect the tuning.

With high accuracy, the octave and note will be displayed in real time – perfect for tuning on the go!

* Please note, this features requires a microphone.


Create a truly personalised music practice experience!

Everyone has their own individual preferences when it comes to music practice. Purely Banjo lets you configure the application to suit YOU – from the sound of the metronome, to the animated playback, and the colour settings of your display.

You can also choose whether to display the upcoming notes on the fretboard – a useful feature for beginners who are getting to grips with fingering positions.


Minimum System Requirements:

Purely Banjo is a multi-platform application that is designed to run on laptops, desktop computers and mobile devices, such as tablets. The efficient playback engine ensures the software will even work on older computers, providing they run Windows XP or newer (see below) or OSX 10.6 or newer.

Tablets must run iOS (iPad), Kindle (Fire HD Version), Android 4 or newer. A quad core processor is recommended for mobile devices.

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Download or CD or The Cloud

Purely Banjo is available as an instant digital download.

Tablet users can obtain the application through their relevant App Store.

If you prefer a physical copy of the software, a CD-ROM version is also available.

Away from your device? You can always access Purely Banjo using The Cloud.

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